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Posted March 13, 2013 by Spotlight Bride in Beauty

Brighten Up! Bridal Beauty Tips

Beautiful woman with roses in hair
Beautiful woman with roses in hair


Tips for the Bride on Hair and Makeup

Brighten up!
Pale or nude lipstick or glosses can wash you out in pictures, especially if your wearing white, because the white in your dress can cause even more glare and wash out when photos are being taken. At the same time, don’t go overboard. You want to look natural…you want to look like YOU!  If you are fair skinned, consider warmer tones that might add a nice, pastel color palate to your skin.  If you are olive toned or have dark hair, you can afford to experiment with bolder and deeper colors. Whatever you do, do not believe that your makeup color scheme as to match your wedding color scheme.  If it’s more complimentary to your face to stick with brown and earthy tones, then go that route over colors that may be too bright and contrasting. You will want to look great yourself no matter what your wedding colors are.

Drama Drama Drama….
There is so much “flash”, you want to make sure you look like you have makeup on. Smokey eye is perfect for this! A great new trend is a gorgeous plum smokey eye or a beautiful pink smokey eye.

(Try Everything)
Trials with your stylist are so important… Remember the dress you picked should coordinate with your hair so if it’s a romantic flowing dress your hair should match. Look for pictures in magazines or online and bring them with you. If you have never had your hair done in an updo or a sidedo, try it! If you’re used to loose curls try some tighter curls. If you like your hair smooth try it loose. And don’t forget your veil!!!

Water proof your day~Seriously
Waterproof mascara lasts longer and it won’t run on you. Not everyone likes the feel of it, but you can use your regular mascara first and then follow up with a light coat of a waterproof mascara. This will be important during any emotional and tearful moments during the ceremony when you will want to look perfect for your pictures.

And last but not least…

Stay TRUE to Yourself!
You want to look back at your pictures 5…10…20 years from now and think “yes I looked classy and sophisticated.” If you never wear your hair up, a complete updo might not be your first choice. Remember that trends don’t last very long…and the ’80′s won’t let us forget that. So stay true to yourself!

Content provided by Leticia Posavec of Tish Hair Studio in La Grange, IL

Spotlight Bride

Spotlight Bride


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